Spiritual Retreats

For Orthodox Christians a pilgrimage is a journey or search of great moral significance to the Orthodox belief and faith. The object of any particular pilgrimage can vary greatly, from pilgrimages of great meaning to all Orthodox believers to those that may have significance to believers in a local area. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrim….

Pilgrimages by Christians were first made to sites connected with the birth, life, crucifixion, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Surviving descriptions, such as that by the pilgrim Egeria, of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land date from the fourth century, when pilgrimage was encouraged by church fathers like St. Jerome. Pilgrimages also began to be made to Rome and other sites associated with the Apostles, various saints, and Christian martyrs.

Over time it became common to make pilgrimages to the Reliquaries of the saints, Cathedrals and Monasteries as well.

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Upcoming Retreats

12 Step Lenten retreat(Mar 31-Apr 2, 2017)

Are you working a 12-step program? Do you wonder how it fits together with your life in the Church, your sense of yourself as an Orthodox Christian, your prayer rule, your reading of Scripture and the Church Fathers? Do you feel discouraged sometimes in your 12-step meetings when others say things about their own program that don’t sound like what you know from the Orthodox Church?

 If so, this retreat may be for you. Led by Fr. Cosmas, a monk of St. John’s monastery, this retreat will offer suggestions to help you find common ground between your 12-step program and the resources of the Orthodox Church to strengthen both elements as key parts of your spiritual life.


Orthodox LIFE School (June 11-17, 2017)

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6) Today Christ calls you to take up your cross and follow Him. This is an exciting and demanding journey through the beauty and chaos of this transient and fleeting world, full of life and light, sacrifice and suffering and deep and everlasting joy. Saints and martyrs beyond numbers have followed Christ. Are you ready to join them?

It is our prayer that during this week you will:

• Be inspired to live for Christ and follow Him
• Grow as a Christian and get a deeper sense of purpose
• Get a deeper knowledge of yourself and the world we live in
• Experience the joy of fellowship
• Have a great time!

You will also:

• Participate in classes taught by competent teachers
• Experience life in a monastery form the inside
• Discuss and reflect on the big questions in life
• Work and worship together with new friends and monastics
• Get help to establish a personal prayer life
• Establish new and lasting relationships with people who desire to go deeper

Flyer available here, and Application available here.

See The Facebook Event Page for the School for more information as well.

When using PayPal to reserve your space write “Life School” in the Comments section.


Sample Schedule:

Pilgrims arrive in the afternoon and evening
5:00 Vespers
6:30 Supper
7:30 Introductory Session
8:45 Compline

7:00 Service in Chapel (Jesus Prayer, Hours, Divine Liturgy)
9:30 Breakfast
10:30 Second Session
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Third Session
4:00 Free time
5:00 Supper
6:00 Q & A, or one-on-one meetings
7:00-10:15 Vigil

8:00 Service in Chapel (Jesus Prayer, Hours, Divine Liturgy with Homily)
10:30 Breakfast
11:30 Wrap-up Session
12:30 Pilgrims travel home

$125 per person, Couples $200 (subject to change, please contact!)
Please contact us to make your reservation

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